Yoga Classes

Gentle Yoga

Designed for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. Postures may be approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition so that the practice is simple to do and easy to remember. Available In-studio & Online.


Times:  Tuesday @ 10am (In-studio and Online)

Instructors:  Mary Jo Marsden

Yoga Chair

Chair yoga uses chairs and other yoga props to make yoga accessible to people with reduced mobility, balance and/or physical limitations. Also a great introduction to yoga if you feel you are not flexible enough to take advantage of a regular yoga class. It is an individually modified class of yoga poses and breathing techniques that encourage mindfulness, increase flexibility and strengthen your body. The guided relaxation suggestions used throughout class help students learn skills to deal with daily stress.


Times:  Thursday @ 10am (Online only)


Instructor:  Mary Jo Marsden 

Lunchtime Flow Yoga

Break up your day with a shorter but energetic flow practice. Connect your breath and body with movement (sun salutations) leaving you feeling centered and ready for the rest of your day.


Times:  Monday & Wednesday @ 12:15pm (In Studio & Online)


Instructor:  Christie Fahey


NOTE:  This class is 45 minutes.  If you are choosing this class as your membership please type LUNCH20 on checkout to get 20% off (all other classes are 55 - 60 minutes). 

Classic Yoga

Move your body with ease so you can align your mind, body and spirit. Each pose has more alignment cues and instruction (no sun salutations). All levels of experience are welcomed.

Times:  Monday @ 8:15pm (In Studio is SOLD OUT & Online)



Instructor:  Christie Fahey


NOTE:  This class comes with a Bonus meditation after the class.  You are welcome to stay or to leave. 

Revive and Relax

This class will offer variations in poses which makes it suitable for any yogi. Starting with the basics and learning how to flow as we progress through the semester.  Finish your class with a beautiful relax segment. Suited for anyone who has completed a beginner level session.

Times:  Wednesday @ 8:15pm (In Studio & Online)


Instructor:  Melissa Sheppard

Yoga Flow

Improve your flexibility, balance and strength. Poses move from one to another creating a sequence and each week we add new poses. Classic flow or previous yoga experience is recommended.

Times:  Thursday @ 7:00pm (In Studio IS SOLD OUT & Online)


Instructor:  Christie Fahey

Aligned Flow

This class is a progressive yoga practice that focuses on posture alignment. Use of props (strap, block and blanket) and detailed instruction will provide the practitioner a stable foundation for each pose. You learn to connect with your body and breath safely leaving you with an increase of body awareness and self confidence.

Times: Sunday @ 7:00pm (In Studio & Online)


Instructor:  Christie Fahey

Gentle Flow & Restore

Start or end your week with a slower pace yoga practice. We connect our breath and body with gentle movement (no sun salutations) to prepare for Restorative poses. Restorative yoga is a supported to help bring balance in your nervous system. You leave feeling inner calm within your body and mind. Bolster is required.

Times: Sunday @ 8:15pm (In Studio & Online)


Instructor:  Christie Fahey

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