Yoga Classes

Classic Yoga.jpg
Classic/Aligned Yoga

Move your body with ease so you can align your mind, body and spirit. This is a basic class with each pose has more alignment cues and instruction (no sun salutations). All levels of experience are welcomed.

Times:  Thursday @ 8pm (In Studio & Online)


Instructor:  Christie Fahey

Gentle Yoga.jpg
Gentle Yoga

Designed for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. Postures may be approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition so that the practice is simple to do and easy to remember. Chair options are also provided.Available Online only.


Times:  Thursday @ 9:15am (In-Studio & Online)

Instructors:  Mary Jo Marsden

Yin Yoga

In this floor based practice the postures are held longer to target your deep connective tissue (fascia, bones, ligaments, tendons) increasing the flow of energy and mobility. Yin yoga offers choices within each posture allowing you to decided what feels right for your own body.


Times:  Sunday @ 8pm (In-studio and Online only)


Instructor:  Christie Fahey

Yin Yang.jpg
Yin Yang Yoga

This practice offers the best of both worlds. We begin with Yin floor based postures targeting the deep connective tissue to increase mobility and self healing. The second part of the practice we energize and strengthen through Yang postures.


Times:  Wednesday @ 9:15 am & 8:15pm (In-studio and Online) 


Instructor:  Christie Fahey

Revive and relax.jpg
Revive and Relax

This class will offer variations in poses which makes it suitable for any yogi. Starting with the basics and learning how to flow as we progress through the semester.  Finish your class with a beautiful relax segment. Suited for anyone who has completed a beginner level session.

Times:  Tuesday @ 8:00pm (In Studio & Online)


Instructor:  Melissa Sheppard

Yoga Flow.jpg
Yoga Flow

Improve your flexibility, balance and strength. Poses move from one to another creating a sequence and each week we add new poses. Classic flow or previous yoga experience is recommended.

Times:  Thursday @ 6:45pm (In Studio ONLY)


Instructor:  Christie Fahey

Rise n shine (1).jpg
Rise 'n' Shine Yoga

Rise & Shine morning yoga is designed to wake up the body and mind for the day ahead. Using the breath, we'll open hips and shoulders, stretch out the body and focus the mind, finishing with some energising poses to lift energy levels.

Times: Saturday @ 9:30am (In Studio & Online)


Instructor:  Melissa Sheppard